My Favorite Movies #99 – City Slickers

City Slickers 1991 Directed by Ron Underwood Netflix says... For a change of pace, three amigos facing midlife crises sign on for a fortnight cattle drive through the Colorado hills. The urbanites' survival depends on a leathery trail boss who doesn't cotton to greenhorn city slickers. Kids, this is a great movie. And if you … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #99 – City Slickers

AFI #45 – Shane

Shane 1953 Directed by George Stevens Netflix says... Amid stunning vistas, this Oscar-winning Western from director George Stevens follows a reformed gunslinger whose determination to avoid a fight is tested when greedy cattle barons threaten the community of homesteaders he's joined. What a great classic western. The kind where you can tell the good guys … Continue reading AFI #45 – Shane