I was a pretty big fan of How I Met Your Mother when it was on the air. Neal Patrick Harris' character, Barney Stinson, once said, "Whenever I'm sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story." If only it was that easy.

7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat

To be clear, when I say sitcoms I can watch I repeat, I mean sitcoms that are available on streaming services that I could sit through from start to finish and then start all over again. Sometimes these are shows that I'll turn on for background noise when I'm finishing paperwork or when I'm cleaning … Continue reading 7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat


Why I Should Never Be On The Price Is Right

I love The Price Is Right. I usually find myself watching it whenever I'm at home on a weekday. I watched it during the summer when I was home from school as a kid. I watched it during college when I had a break during classes. It's just a fun kind of show. And I … Continue reading Why I Should Never Be On The Price Is Right


Jess, over at You're Fine did a post about this hashtag phenomenon she came across on Twitter the other day. I'm sorry to say, I missed out on the Twitter trend. I'm not sure I should admit that, seeing as how my new job requires me to constantly keep my finger on the pulse of … Continue reading #DescribeYourselfin3FictionalCharacters

Question of the Week #55

This is a day late, folks. Sorry about that. Not sure that I have an excuse other than I got busy yesterday and then when I finished with all I had to do, got lazy. But there are no rules here. If you have a problem with getting this week's question on a Sunday, rather … Continue reading Question of the Week #55

The Top 6 Birthday Parties of My Life

In less than a week, I will be 36 years old. So I've had a lot of opportunities to celebrate my birthday. 35, so far, to be exact. Now, I won't go into the details of all of those birthday parties. Mostly because I just don't remember them all. But here are the ones that … Continue reading The Top 6 Birthday Parties of My Life

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thanks to Vanessa at Butterfly Reflections for nominating me for this award. I gladly accept and will keep my speech short, so as not to be played off by the orchestra.The Dragon's Loyalty Award is given to loyal followers, commenters, or fans of your blog. The recipient can be a fellow blogger or a blog-free … Continue reading Dragon’s Loyalty Award

The Murtaugh List

I was always a fan of How I Met Your Mother. It's a show that introduced me to a lot of heartfelt and hilarious concepts: the blue french horn, the slap bet, Robin Sparkles, and the Murtaugh List. The name Murtaugh comes from the character played by Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon series of … Continue reading The Murtaugh List