Why We Should Celebrate on July 3

My fellow Americans, happy Independence Day! What have you got going on today? Cook out in the back yard? Alien invasion movie double feature? Fireworks after sunset? Maybe you decided to sleep late this morning. If that's what you wanted to do on the 4th of July, that's your right. You know why? Because this … Continue reading Why We Should Celebrate on July 3

The 5 Annoyances of Christmas

I know. You just read that title and thought, "This guy's such a Grinch!" But I'm really not. I love Christmas. I might not get as into the holiday spirit as a lot of people do, but I certainly don't sit around thinking of ways to ruin Christmas for everyone around me. There are just … Continue reading The 5 Annoyances of Christmas

So Many Questions: Part I

I'm always willing to rehash old blog posts or ideas that I've blatantly stolen from other people's blogs. It's not that I don't feel particularly creative on a given day. It's probably more of a laziness thing. But I don't feel like I'm lazy. I just, more often than not, get home from work and … Continue reading So Many Questions: Part I