Because today is World Hello Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Hello. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it… How many times in a day … Continue reading Hello

Sunday Scribblings #80 – Hello

Each Wednesday I post a new prompt here at The Confusing Middle. Be as creative as you want with the prompt and post something over on your own blog. Then come back here and leave a comment with your link so that everyone can check out your post and see your take on this week’s … Continue reading Sunday Scribblings #80 – Hello

Hello, Friend

"Hello, friend." It's a common enough greeting. I've noticed it as it seems to be a popular greeting among my circle of church friends. Actually, it only seems to be popular among the ladies. In fact, it's almost expected to be greeted with these words, or some variation ("Hey," or "Hi"), whenever I join a … Continue reading Hello, Friend