Question of the Week #188

Do you establish routines in your life? For example, do you usually sleep in the same place in your bed? Eat meals at the same time? Regularly return to the same vacation spot? Sure. Routines are comfortable. I do sleep in the same spot on my bed. But I've got a twin size bed... so … Continue reading Question of the Week #188


Question of the Week #97

What are your most compulsive habits? Do you regularly struggle to break these habits? Does compulsive necessarily mean bad? I guess the word habit is generally used for a repetitive action that someone generally feels guilty about, or knows is bad for them. But I just don't think it necessarily has to be a bad … Continue reading Question of the Week #97

So Many Questions, Part II

In case you missed my post yesterday, you've stumbled into the midst of a week long questionnaire. This list contains 100 questions which I am dividing up throughout the week. Questions 1-20 were dealt with in yesterday's post. Go back if you need to see those answers. And now, we resume the epic answers to … Continue reading So Many Questions, Part II

Day Twenty Seven

My Worst Habit I would say that one of my worst habits would be that nasty habit I have of pushing people away. It's something I recognize in myself and talk about on this blog all the time. Yet, for some reason, it's one of those things that I have a very difficult time changing … Continue reading Day Twenty Seven