Question of the Week #111

If your parents became infirm and the only alternative to bringing them into your home was to put them in a nursing home, would you do so? What about a sister or brother who suffered a permanently crippling injury and--other than your home--had nowhere to go but a convalescent home? This is going to make … Continue reading Question of the Week #111



Grandpa always said that Paradise was the place where dreams could come true. He told me that it was the place where you could visit any place in the world, or even beyond. He insisted that, in Paradise, I was only limited by my imagination. The Paradise Theater was a magical place when I was … Continue reading Paradise


Originally written in February of 2011... "Tell me a story!" the kid said to the old man as they walked down the dirt road. The old man stopped and looked down at the boy. The kid had his hand wrapped around two of the fingers on the old man's left hand. He reached up and … Continue reading Story