Scary on So Many Levels

Several years ago, I first saw this commercial. They played it again the following Christmas. This is my nightmare... I mean, not so much the giant nutcracker. I can deal with that. It's the... well... you'll see...


I wouldn't necessarily say that I scare easily. Or maybe I do and enjoy that feeling from time to time. The feeling you get after a really good jump scene in a horror movie. Or the feeling you get on a roller coaster. It's kind of a good scared. The scary that really disturbs me, … Continue reading Scary

We All Scream

Several years ago, I noticed something odd in my mother's neighborhood. During the summer, late in the afternoons, a strange sound would come from outside. The first time I heard the sound, I was immediately transported back to a more innocent time. A time when I was young. A time when you could chase a … Continue reading We All Scream