The Importance of the Small Group

I have a tendency to watch people. In fact, observing is a part of my job description as a school counselor. I spend the majority of my time in classrooms keeping track of certain kids' behaviors. This works out well because, for as far back as I can recall, I've been a people watcher. During … Continue reading The Importance of the Small Group


Church Family

Depending on when you were born and where you were raised, the word "family" can have a lot of meanings. In some cultures, family could strictly mean you're bonded by blood and they're the most important relationships you'll ever develop. In other cultures, family could be extended to include a great number of people to … Continue reading Church Family

The Whistler

Back when I was in high school, I did some volunteer work for the Raleigh Court Public Library. While I was there working in the afternoons, I came into contact with a man who would come to be known as The Whistler. No, he wasn't the villain of the week on Smallville. If you're from … Continue reading The Whistler