My Favorite Movies #71 – You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail 1998 Directed by Nora Ephron Netflix says...┬áIn this valentine to modern romance, book superstore magnate Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and independent book shop owner Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) fall in love in the anonymity of the Internet -- both blissfully unaware that he's trying to put her out of business. Director Nora … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #71 – You’ve Got Mail



This prompt is inspired by the good people at Sunday Scribblings 2! Head over there to see how other bloggers have written based on this week's prompt! As a school counselor, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my summer off from work. Sure, we have a summer program that I could have easily volunteered … Continue reading Mandatory

10 Ways to Know I’m Old

If you've been following this blog for even a few days, you know that my birthday was this past Sunday. I continually attempt to trick myself into believing that I'm younger than I actually am. I do this by hanging out with a group of friends who are, on average, 10 years younger than me. … Continue reading 10 Ways to Know I’m Old

The Single Guy vs. the Awkward Email

We can all agree that it's awkward when someone wants to set us up, right? Which is more awkward: to be set up with someone locally? or to be set up with someone on the other side of the state? About a week ago, a coworker began telling me all of the wonderful qualities possessed … Continue reading The Single Guy vs. the Awkward Email

Cubicle Crush

She just sat there minding her own business. She didn't know that Alex was sitting in the cubicle across from hers, awkwardly gazing in her direction. Maybe that's because she was actually doing her job. Meanwhile, Alex leaned on his hand with a goofy expression on his face. He was like a kid in school … Continue reading Cubicle Crush


I'm not one who likes to admit when he's addicted to something. Good thing I'm not an alcoholic, 'cause isn't that step one? But when it comes to feeling disconnected, I have to admit that I'm addicted to the internet. I mean, it's not a full-on, I gotta be in front of it every minute … Continue reading Disconnected