A Clear Sign

This blog post will consist of nothing but me complaining. I'm talking full-on First World Problems ranting. If that's not your cup of tea, I apologize. May I suggest catching up on some old posts about Disney princesses? Okay... The rant begins now. I'm not sure if I've expressed my recent displeasure with the grocery … Continue reading A Clear Sign

The Perils of Pizza Delivery

You know, I never complained much about my time as a pizza delivery guy. Even though I held down that part time job, delivering pizzas on the side, for about two years, it never felt like I did it for that long. Odds are, it's because I only worked two or three nights a week. … Continue reading The Perils of Pizza Delivery

6 Reasons Why Pizza Delivery Is Better Than Banking

When I was a bank teller, I also delivered pizza to help make ends meet. Because banks pay their tellers very little to take a lot of crap from horrible people. It's a sad world, the world of banking. Anyway, when I was working both jobs, I noticed that the part time delivery gig held … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Pizza Delivery Is Better Than Banking