My Favorite Movies #65 – The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride 1987 Directed by Rob Reiner Netflix says...┬áBlending comedy, adventure, romance and fantasy, this cult classic follows peasant farmhand Westley as he battles three bumbling outlaws and a nefarious prince to win the hand of his one true love, a young woman named Buttercup. This is one of those movies that didn't actually … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #65 – The Princess Bride


Grandpa always said that Paradise was the place where dreams could come true. He told me that it was the place where you could visit any place in the world, or even beyond. He insisted that, in Paradise, I was only limited by my imagination. The Paradise Theater was a magical place when I was … Continue reading Paradise

The Princess Bride

Title: The Princess Bride Author: William Goldman Published: 1973 I've loved this movie since I was old enough to understand what it's like to actually love a movie. It's got it all: action, adventure, romance, pirates, sword fights, rodents of unusual size, memorable lines worth quoting 30 years later. And I knew it had originated … Continue reading The Princess Bride