Question of the Week #158

You notice a self-destructive behavior pattern in a friend who is clearly unaware¬†of it. Would you point it out? I would probably try to point it out, yeah. Because if it's someone I care about and they're doing something that's unhealthy or unsafe, I'd want to keep them from harm. However, I would only try … Continue reading Question of the Week #158


Question of the Week #138

If you began to be very attracted to someone of another race, how would your behavior differ from what it would be toward someone of your own race? This is a stupid question. I can almost guarantee, based on 20+ years of post-adolescent experience, if I like a girl, I'm pretty much going to act … Continue reading Question of the Week #138

Change of Plans

This post was written in a time when I was still a counselor working in a first grade classroom. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the blog post that I had originally planned to post today is being preempted. Today's post was going to be about the first grade class that I observe and … Continue reading Change of Plans

How I Spend My Days

So, I've been putting this post off for a while. It hasn't been on purpose. I've just been busy and have continually forgotten to put the words on the screen. But here we are. First, I want to apologize to Sandi over at Flip Flops Everyday, who asked me several weeks ago to explain what … Continue reading How I Spend My Days

The Non-Delinquency of Minors

Sometimes I look around the classrooms in which I work and am amazed by a select handful of students. You see, it's been my experience that the vast majority of school children these days are disrespectful, lack common sense, and are generally unable to sit still for more than an average of 2.47 seconds. But … Continue reading The Non-Delinquency of Minors