Conner could feel how sharp the razor was as it scraped across his face. Shaving was such a hassle, but it was necessary. Especially today. He finished removing the stubble from his cheeks and chin and splashed water in his face. He took a look at himself in the mirror, just to make sure he … Continue reading Sharp



This prompt is inspired by the good people at Sunday Scribblings 2! Head over there to see how other bloggers have written based on this week's prompt! As a school counselor, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my summer off from work. Sure, we have a summer program that I could have easily volunteered … Continue reading Mandatory

Day Twenty Six

My Week, In Great Detail This will just be a typical week. Not a specific week that was. Granted, there's not really such a thing as typical. But I'll give it a shot. And it won't be as detailed as the incredibly boring day I described in yesterday's post. Sunday-- When you're on staff with … Continue reading Day Twenty Six

The Single Guy vs. the Hiking Trip

Kids, it is a gorgeous day here in southwest Virginia. The sun is shining. The temperature isn't crazy high. And, for a welcome change, the humidity is low. I decided that today would be a good day to combat my natural instinct to hide in my room and binge watch Netflix. I figured it would … Continue reading The Single Guy vs. the Hiking Trip