20 Years with Harry Potter

This morning, I was perusing the old Twitter feed and came across this tweet from J.K. Rowling... 20 years ago? How can that be? I guess it makes sense. I graduated from Hogwarts high school 20 years ago. And according to J.K.'s timeline, the Battle of Hogwarts happened in 1998. Harry Potter and I are … Continue reading 20 Years with Harry Potter


Question of the Week #146

If you knew a thermonuclear holocaust would occur in precisely 20 years and no one would survive it, how would you change your present life? I kind of feel like I've answered this sort of question before. If you know you're going to die in so many days... Yeah, I get it. I wouldn't change … Continue reading Question of the Week #146

The Reunion Questionnaire

2018 marks 20 years since I graduated from high school. I know, it's hard to believe. Because there's no way I'm old enough to have graduated high school 20 years ago. And yet... Anyway, we have a reunion website and each week the blog over there features a different member from the Class of '98. … Continue reading The Reunion Questionnaire

To the Future

When I was counseling at the school, I sometimes liked to participate in the therapeutic activities that I got my clients to do. This one time, a few years back, I had the kids write letters to themselves in five years. Looking back, I probably should have said 10 or 15 years. They didn't really … Continue reading To the Future