Rewatching Buffy – Episode 83

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

No Place Like Home

  • A trio of monks rushes into a room to perform some kind of ritual.
  • They’re very afraid of something that’s coming after them, attempting to break through the barred door.
  • Giving themselves a pep talk, they are reminded that their lives mean nothing. They must protect the Key.
  • They manage to do whatever they were trying to do before something or someone smashes in the door.
  • In the present, Buffy stakes a rather large vampire while on patrol and comes across a glowing orb of some kind outside of an abandoned factory.
  • Buffy makes breakfast for Joyce. She’s still dealing with headaches of unknown origin.
  • It’s grand opening day at the Magic Box. And there are no shoppers.
  • Dawn is super obnoxious. I feel like it’s easy to tell her to shut up many times per episode.
  • Buffy and Dawn get back home and find Joyce lying on the sofa. Her headache is worse but she insists that she needs her prescription refilled.
  • Buffy picks up some pills at the hospital where she runs into Ben again. He’s trying to control a violently insane man.
  • Buffy recognizes this guy as a security guard she met at the abandoned factory.
  • One of the monks from the start of the episode apparently survived the assault that must have occurred when the door was destroyed.
  • He’s in an abandoned factory (same one from earlier?) and something or someone breaks through a steel door.
  • It’s a girl…
  • Can’t be another Slayer… right?
  • Buffy returns to the Magic Box with a theory about her mom’s illness. She’s convinced it’s supernatural.
  • The crazy security guard warned her that they’ll come for her through her family.
  • The monk is tied up and gagged in a chair.
  • The girl is super arrogant.
  • She’s like Cordelia. But blatantly evil.
  • She’s looking for the Key. She says it’s hers. The monk refuses to give up the info.
  • The girl then reveals there’s another guy tied up off to the side. He’s pleading with her to let him go.
  • She’s rambling… a lot… and has clearly lost her mind.
  • Then she shoves her fingers into the sides of the tied up guy’s head and she’s fine.
  • It’s as if she fed off his sanity, leaving him a mumbling crazy guy.
  • Business has picked up at the Magic Box. Anya is helping out and it’s kinda hilarious.
  • She suggests a spell that will help Buffy see through whatever magic may be affecting Joyce.
  • Riley helps her perform a spell and then she’s in a sort of trance.
  • Dawn tries to interrupt the spell. Shut up, Dawn!
  • While in the trance, Buffy looks around the house. She doesn’t see any kind of magic around her mom.
  • But in a picture on the wall of Joyce, Buffy, and Dawn… Dawn keeps fading in and out of the image.
  • It happens in another framed picture. So she goes up to Dawn’s room.
  • In the reality we knew before this season, Dawn’s bedroom was a spare room that was used to store stuff from Joyce’s art gallery.
  • Dawn yells at Buffy for being in her room. When she turns and sees Dawn fading in and out of existence, she says, “You’re not my sister.”
  • That’s gonna go over well with the already emotionally unstable kid.
  • Buffy thinks that Dawn is the evil that’s making Joyce sick.
  • Giles calls to tell Buffy what they’ve found out about the orb. It’s called a Dagon Sphere and it’s used to ward off evil.
  • It was created to repel that which cannot be named, which Giles warns usually indicates something of deep worship or great fear. Sometimes both.
  • Buffy leaves to head back to the factory where she found the sphere.
  • She finds Spike in her yard. Clearly he’s stalking her because now he’s “in love” with her.
  • It’s actually a pretty funny encounter, but involves some adult language, so I’ll leave it out of this blog. But watch the episode on Hulu for a good laugh.
  • At the factory, Buffy sees where the lady broke down the steel door. Looks more like the Kool-Aid Man came through the wall.
  • Joyce gets home and Dawn is acting crazy suspicious. Like the writers want us to believe that she’s the source of the evil.
  • I call red herring.
  • Buffy finds the monk and begins to untie him.
  • The girl sneaks up behind her, but Buffy is fully aware that she’s there.
  • She does, however, underestimate how strong the girl is. Because she throws Buffy across the room as if she were a rag doll.
  • After the Magic Box closes, everyone’s exhausted. Giles offers Anya a job.
  • Back at the factory, Buffy gets a couple of shots in, but pretty much gets her butt handed to her.
  • Instead of continuing the fight, Buffy sees an opening to escape. So she grabs the monk and goes.
  • The girl begins to chase after her, but breaks the heel on her shoe.
  • When Buffy gets away, the girl stomps her feet in a temper tantrum, which brings the ceiling down around her.
  • The monk warns Buffy that she needs to protect the Key.
  • He explains the Key is energy that opens a door between dimensions.
  • For centuries, it had no form. When the abomination found the monks who were protecting the Key, they gave it form. They sent it to the Slayer in the form of a human.
  • Dawn is the Key.
  • The monks built all of the memories of Dawn in Buffy’s mind… in Joyce’s mind… everyone’s minds.
  • The monk pleads with Buffy to protect the Key. She’s human and helpless. And she doesn’t know what she really is.
  • Body count: Vampires – 1; Monks – 1 (probably all three, but we only see one die on screen)

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