Question of the Week #301

Do your close friends tend to be older or younger than you? Less or more talented and successful than you? Do they share your values? Ambitions? Interests?

This feels like a lot for a question of the week. More like questions of the week…

Really, the answer to all of these is that it just depends on what season of my life I’ve been in. Throughout most of my life, I’d say my closest friends have been around the same age as me. And to think about whether they’re more or less talented I suppose it depends on what talents we’re talking about.

I’m definitely funnier than most of my friends. Okay… maybe not funnier. But I’m definitely more sarcastic. That is definitely a talent.

What about you? How do your friends measure up when compared to you? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


3 thoughts on “Question of the Week #301

  1. Mostly my friends are around my age. Like maybe within a 5-year bracket? Because of work, I am interacting with some younger people (10ish years younger?) who I am becoming close to.

    I generally share the same values as my friends. I’m the type that if I can’t respect your view then I can’t be your friend. This is probably why I am having such a hard time with my brother’s girlfriend at the moment lol She is wanting to be part of the family and all I can focus on is how she speaks about her siblings who are in common-law relationships, and how she is so very conservatively Christian. I can’t respect the condensation attached to her voice when she talks about things like that? It’s completely the same views my brother has but he’s my brother. If it’s someone who I have a choice to be associated with then they usually don’t last if they hold those views haha. Not that I have much of a choice to be associated with her…

    But my own friends are all very open-minded people. I have to say I have cut off a few people who are anti-vaxxers haha and who think that the whole pandemic isn’t serious. But I also think that those friendships weren’t really that strong to begin with so maybe it was just an excuse to do the inevitable and end it? Who knows!

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  2. Most of my friends are younger. That comes from starting school late and being held back a year. I think we are all smart in our own ways and would be fun in an Escape Room. Yet, my friends are so different from each other, I can’t picture them all together.

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