Should I Write a Book?

It’s a question I ask myself every now and then. And I’ve been asking myself off and on for many years. I think about it. I get excited about the ideas and the possibilities. I get overwhelmed. I doubt my abilities. I wonder if I could ever even find the required time. I quit before I ever begin.

So I’m asking you. Should I write a book? And if your answer is yes, what would you want to read?

I’m not going to kid myself into believing that I’m popular or internet famous by any stretch of the imagination. But I feel like I have a fair amount of steady readers here and it’s a number that is slowly, but steadily, growing.

I have some options. The most obvious would be to adapt certain things from this blog. I’m sure my autobiography wouldn’t be an overnight sensation. But I think I could collect the Legends of the Bank Teller into a decent narrative fairly easily

And then there’s fiction. A lot of the short stories I’ve posted here could be expanded. But I’ve got other ideas, too. I’ve been thinking about a sequel to The Wizard of Oz for a long time. I know it’s been done, but my take, I think, is kind of unique.

I ask again, should I try this? Would you read it?

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8 thoughts on “Should I Write a Book?

  1. Write a book if you want to tell a big story, or a series of shorts, or whatever else you want to write. If you write for an audience you can’t sustain the right effort. If you write a book because doing so feeds your soul, then I will probably enjoy reading it.

    It’s hard. I’m in the middle of it. I have friends who are publishing theirs now. It’s a massive effort that you can only do well if it’s a story you love so much that you don’t care if anyone reads it.

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  2. Absolutely you should write a book. You already know I read a crazy amount and know a good writer when I see one. I read every word in your stories and you always leave us with a cliffhanger wanting more.
    Every writer has all of the same insecurities and doubts you have. I’ve paid attention to writers talking about their experiences and it’s definitely a recurring theme, even in the most popular of authors. I think to gain experience and confidence you should turn some of your blog post stories into short stories or novellas. While you are doing that, the back of your mind can be working on deciding what full length book you want to write. 85 pages, give or take a few, seems to be a popular length for novellas. Do it. We will all read it.

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