Your Questions, My Answers

Last week I asked you to leave your questions for me down in the comments and you came through! As promised, here are my answers to each of your questions…

Creatively Sustainable asks: “I haven’t been following your blog for very long, so this may have already been answered. What is your favorite game to play? If it isn’t a table game, what is also your favorite board/card game?”

  • I’m sorry to say I don’t play as many games as I’d like. I do enjoy video games, but tend to get bored with them easily, so I go through phases. As far as board and/or card games go, if I had a group of friends close by, I would definitely try to host small get togethers or game nights. Well… I would if COVID was no longer a concern. When it comes to board games, I’m a big fan of Trivial Pursuit, because I’m a cesspool of useless knowledge. I’m also a big fan of the classics: Monopoly, Risk, Candy Land, etc. I’ll admit, I have a harder time getting into the newer strategy games that have seemingly flooded the market after the success of Settlers of Catan (of which I’m honestly not a fan).

mastermixmovies asks: “What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie.? Something that isn’t loved by absolutely everyone, but you enjoy it every time?”

  • This is really a difficult question for me because I’m not quite sure what should be considered a guilty pleasure. I can’t think of any movies I like that I would necessarily feel weird about admitting it’s something I like. I say that, and I think about movies that could qualify, but so many of them have achieved cult classic status, it’s hard to consider them guilty pleasures. I know that about 10 years ago, I’d have easily said Transformers. I mean, I know that’s not a good movie. But for a time, I would watch that thing any time it was on TV. A few years back I had HBO and would watch We Bought a Zoo anytime it was on. I don’t think that one did great at the box office, but I think it’s brilliant. And I almost feel like I could name any number of obscure films from the ’80s and I’d run into the same cult status problem I mentioned above. You may have actually stumped me on this one. Let’s go with Clue. Or maybe Big Trouble in Little China.

Catsandcoffee asks: “What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and was it good?”

  • I really don’t have an exotic palette and I’m not one to step outside of my comfort zone very often. So the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten will likely seem pretty tame to most people. But when I was in Brazil, I tried cow tongue for the first and only time in my life. It wasn’t bad, but I had a hard time getting around the psychological block of eating tongue… considering I was tasting a food that was tasting me back.

For the Love of Books asks: “Did you ever find the exercise room in your building/complex? If yes, have you used it at least once? Does the walk to the exercise room still count as exercise? Have I covered everything from that post lol?”

  • This is in reference to a post I wrote in January of last year. I was embarrassed to admit that I had been living in my current apartment for several months at that point and had yet to visit or even find the on-premises fitness center. I am happy to say that, after exploring both buildings that make up this apartment complex, I still had no luck. So I emailed the property manager and just asked. I couldn’t have predicted that by the time I emailed and received a response, we would have been only a week away from the declaration of a pandemic. Thanks to COVID-19, our fitness center (and private movie theater) was closed down indefinitely. So I still have yet to take advantage of said fitness center. Because of this, I wound up purchasing my own stationary bike that I’ve been using since roughly August and am still not comfortable using. The fitness center has reopened on a limited basis, but you have to sign up ahead of time to use it and you have to be there alone and clean up before and after using the equipment. Seems like a hassle to sign up for specific times, so I’ll stick to the bike I can ride whenever I feel like it.

Bex asks: “Are you where you want to be in life given the circumstances?”

  • Whoa… deep question. In some ways, yes… In other ways, no. I really love where I live, but I really don’t have any friends to speak of. At least, none that are near enough to hang out with. I often go back and forth regarding how happy I am with my position in my career. Sometimes I feel like it’s incredibly fulfilling. Other days I get home and decide I really can’t stand being around other people, which causes me to question my purpose for continuing to work in the field of mental health. I could complain about how much money I make, but I’m where I am based on the choices I’ve made, which have shaped the given circumstances. Sorry, I know that’s not a very definitive answer…

Sabrina B asks: “What country/city have you always wanted to visit and why?”

  • There are a lot, really. But if I had to pick just one, I’ll go with Australia. Even though I fully believe that all creatures native to that small continent have evolved with the sole purpose of destroying humanity. I mean, you can’t even admire a kangaroo without it trying to pick a fight with you. Not to mention the snakes, spiders, and crocodiles. And that’s just hanging out on land… But there’s just something about Australia that intrigues me and I’d love to visit someday.

Well, those are my answers! Thanks to everyone who left questions last week. And if you have any follow up questions, feel free to ask and I will answer those, as well. If you didn’t get a chance to ask something last week and want to now, go ahead and ask. I’m happy to do another post like this if there are more questions that need answers.


5 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Thanks for answering. I’ve been curious about that fitness center forever it seems. Without a shred of seriousness too, I must add. I hear you on the exercise equipment issue. I’ve never been able to use anything consistently. Since I discovered I can read and walk at the same time I’ve taken to doing laps around my dining room table. A good book can even make me forget I’m walking. All of this helps my mood because I think it’s the funniest thing ever.

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    • I would still consider it hidden. It takes up space on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the other half of the apartment building. But there are no signage letting people know that the fitness center is on either of those floors. And while there is mention of the fitness center on the property website, there are no images proving its existence. Its mystery is only exceeded by its power.

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  2. Thanks for answering my question to the best of your ability. I know it can be difficult narrowing down a guilty pleasure movie, but I think your answers are pretty good. Probably my definitive guilty pleasure movie is a teen flick called John Tucker Must Die.

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