AFI #46 – It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night.jpgIt Happened One Night


Directed by Frank Capra

Netflix says… Runaway socialite Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert) is en route to the Big Apple to elope with a fortune-hunting flyboy. Along the way she meets a crusty newspaperman (Clark Gable), who’s just been sacked and–unbeknownst to Ellie–plans to sell her story to get his job back. But a string of zany misadventures leads them to realize they’re madly–if reluctantly–in love. It Happened One Night swept every major Academy Award.

I haven’t seen all the movies that Capra directed. But after seeing the ones that I have seen, I’m beginning to wonder if he ever made a bad one. I had actually seen this once before. A few years ago I got on a kick of wanting to see every Oscar winner for Best Picture. I started at the beginning of the Academy Awards, but didn’t make it very far. I did get to 1934’s It Happened One Night, though. As rom-coms go, this is a pretty good one, and follows that basic romantic comedy formula. You know, boy meets girl, boy and girl have a couple days of wacky adventures, boy and girl fall in love. You don’t see a lot of romantic comedies winning a Best Picture Oscar. But there was a depression on. Maybe this kind of movie was just what the American public needed. I don’t recommend every movie I see on this list, but I do recommend this one.

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