Suicide Squad

Spoiler alert… If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad, you may want to take a look at something else. I won’t blatantly spoil the plot of the movie, but I might spill some of the minor beans. You’ve been warned…

Suicide Squad - HarleyI look back at Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and I get the negative reviews. I happen to have loved the movie, but I understand where the critics who didn’t like it were coming from. In the week leading up to the release of Suicide Squad, I began seeing more negative reviews. This, after incredible trailers and reshoots that seemed to indicate the studio would be doing a little course-correcting after Batman v. Superman. I have to say, I was a little discouraged by the reviews.

Usually, that kind of thing doesn’t bother me when it comes to movies or properties that I’m already a fan of. But this time, some of the negative reviews were coming from critics that I respect and often agree with. That’s where the discouragement came from. So I wasn’t in a hurry to see Suicide Squad. For me to wait more than a week to see a DC Comics related movie is nigh unheard of.

But I finally saw it. And I thought it was awesome.

This time around, I don’t really get what the critics were so upset about. What are critics looking for when they go to see a comic book movie? Not every superhero flick can be The Dark Knight. You can’t expect to show up at the theater and see an Oscar-worthy performance from the actors each and every time. And if that’s what critics are looking for, they may be setting the bar too high.

Suicide Squad won’t be winning any Oscars come awards season. But I don’t think they’ll be getting any Razzies, either. Not that I really know that, I don’t know what criteria the Razzie people really look at. Though, they are generally right about which movies are the worst of the year. Anyway, my point is that Suicide Squad was just a fun, popcorn kind of movie.

There was a lot to love about this movie. I thought that Viola Davis’ portrayal of Amanda Waller was spot on. If you have any experience reading her character in the comics, you will know what I mean. I’m sure there are those who may disagree with me, but I thought she was great. Will Smith was great as Deadshot. He’s a bad guy. He’s a mercenary. But he’s not cruel or heartless or flat-out evil.

For me, though, Harley Quinn was the highlight. I was worried about this one because Harley is such a great character. I was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to do her justice on the big screen. Margot Robbie proved me wrong. The way she played her was fantastic and I hope the rumors that she will be getting her own solo film are true. I would love to see how they can further explore her story.

Related to Harley, I do have an issue, however. That issue comes with the Joker. Now, I’m okay with the way he was played in the movie. I can get behind Jared Leto’s portrayal and the look he had this time around. What I can’t get behind is his attitude toward Harley. Maybe this is just how I’ve always pictured it in my headcanon, but the Joker doesn’t give a crap about Harley or her well-being. To him, she’s a means to an end. Yes, the movie got it right in explaining her origin as a psychiatrist who is manipulated by the Joker. Yes, they got it right as Harley falls in love with Mr. J and is hopelessly devoted to him in every way. I don’t think they got it right when they portrayed the Joker as having a mutual feeling toward Harley. Throughout the movie, we see the Joker as willing to crush, kill, and destroy anything and everything that gets between him and his girl. That’s not the Joker I know.

Suicide Squad - Harley and JokerOther than that, I really thought it was a fun movie to watch. Going into it, I was led to believe that the only action sequences were shown in the trailers. I was led to believe all the funny lines were shown in the trailers. I’ve really gotta stop listening to the critics. There was more action than I expected. There was more humor than I expected. Kids, I paid my money and I was entertained. I can’t ask for anything more than that.

2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad

  1. I’m actually not big into the comic book movies. I actually fell asleep when I saw The Dark Knight in theaters haha it’s just not my cup of tea. But I did find Suicide Squad entertaining, especially Margot Robbie. I’ve come to love her as an actress. However, Cara Delevingne was a bit too strange. Her acting was way too over the top and Octopus-y (saying that word out loud sounds rather awful, if you catch my drift).

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