Day Twenty One

A Recipe

How to make cereal:

Get the box out of the pantry/cupboard/wherever. Get the milk out of the fridge. Set the milk next to the box of cereal. Get a bowl and a spoon. Set them in front of the cereal and milk so it looks like the last two seconds of a cereal commercial. If you’re feeling ambitious and want it to look like it’s part of a complete breakfast, you can include some fruit and a carnation in a small vase. But I’m not including that as part of my recipe.

All right, the thing is, I don’t have any original recipes. I do enjoy cooking, but when I do, I grab recipes off Pinterest or a cooking blog that I tend to follow or I look at the directions on the Pop-Tart box. Maybe someday I’ll share one of my favorite recipes that I’ve stolen from someone else. In the meantime, you get cereal. I hope you enjoy it.Day Six - Frosted Flakes

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