I just needed to share a quick thought about this movie I just saw. I had a free Redbox rental and I thought I’d check out Annabelle. I like a good scary movie every now and again and I hadn’t seen this one yet. I thought The Conjuring was pretty good, so why not give this one a shot? If you’re not aware, it’s about this doll that is allegedly possessed by a ghost or possibly an evil spirit. I may not have been totally paying attention to whether or not they were clear on that. Anyway, I have a real problem with this thing…

AnnabelleI mean, take a look at that thing. This guy buys this doll for his pregnant wife at the beginning of the movie. At that point, it’s safe to assume that the doll isn’t possessed yet, because (spoiler alert) things don’t start happening until these two cult members attack the protagonists and one of them dies with the doll in her arms. But that doll was creepy looking before it was possessed. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t want that thing in my house, even if it wasn’t evil.

And then at the end, the doll mysteriously shows up in an antique store and this lady says she’s looking for a gift for her daughter. Of course, she buys the Annabelle doll. And this is after the doll has survived a house being burned down, being thrown around, and finally being dropped from the top floor of an apartment building. It’s dirty and scarred up. Why would you buy that thing for your daughter unless you hate her? Ugh… This is why scary movies happen. Because people make very bad choices.

2 thoughts on “Annabelle

  1. Just like I’m not going to purchase that scary, Poltergeist clown (or the clown from IT) either. Hello, not just the kids… we adults would have nightmares! My best friend in high school, her mom collected old dolls like this and kept them in a glass cabinet (I had to run through their living room to my friend’s bedroom.) She also had those marionettes and put on shows for the special needs kids. Freak me out. She’d play her guitar and dance them around the house. ugh.

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