Why We Now Hate GEICO

This is a tale that began in February of this year. It was cold. There had been a lot of snow and ice that had fallen. The result was a crack in my windshield.

Having my auto insurance through GEICO, I went to their website to file a claim. As it turns out, I had a $500 glass deductible. “I don’t remember agreeing to that,” I thought. But what’s done is done. I’ll deal with it and life goes on. GEICO connected me to Safelite. A technician drove out to my school on March 1 and replaced my windshield for approximately $375.

Exactly one week after my new windshield was installed, on March 9, I walked out of the school to find another crack in roughly the same place. Assuming this damage would be covered by the warranty, I called Safelite to have them come out and do another replacement, thinking it would be free of charge. It was not covered by the warranty, which apparently only covers acts of God and/or cracks that appear as if from nowhere. The fact that a tiny pebble can jump up off the road and ding your glass without you even knowing it makes no difference.

So I told the guy to take a hike (well, with a little more tact than that) because I could not afford to pay for two windshields in as many weeks. I decided I would wait, simply on principle. And, I figured, whenever the time came for me to have the windshield replaced, GEICO would pay for the majority of it, seeing as how I had already paid $375 out of that $500 deductible.

Fast forward to six months later. Fiona is due for an inspection before the end of the month. So the windshield must be replaced if I’m to keep her street legal. I got online to make my glass claim with GEICO and noticed something disturbing. My deductible was still $500. Why would it be $500 dollars, considering I had already had a glass claim this year which should have lowered it by $375?

By this point, I knew that a soulless website could no longer help me. So I prayed that my phone would hold out long enough for me to get a signal and actually speak to someone at my insurance company. The woman calmly explained to me that the $500 glass deductible was not per year. It was per claim.


First of all, I have no memory of setting up my auto insurance with any kind of glass deductible. I feel like I would remember having that conversation with someone when I bought the Corolla two years ago. I mean, I like to have a low premium. Who doesn’t? But I seriously think I would have remembered agreeing to a $500 glass deductible PER CLAIM when I signed up for full coverage! Even if I didn’t remember choosing that option, I’m certain that seeing it on my policy when I attempted to make a claim would have jogged the crap out of my memory.

I admit, I lost my temper with the woman on the phone. I didn’t say anything incredibly rude, but my tone was not what it should have been. It wasn’t her fault that I was in this situation. At least, I assume it’s not her fault. Though, she did speak to me as if I was a little stupid. And maybe I am. Maybe the fact that I got suckered into a $500 dollar glass deductible PER CLAIM means I’m genuinely stupid.

Two years ago, I totaled Half-Pint, the little blue Yaris I used to have. GEICO was great in the weeks that followed as I filed my claim and purchased a new vehicle. At least, I thought they were great. Until I signed up for full coverage for Fiona and got the shaft where it comes to glass claims. This year, GEICO has become an evil entity in my eyes.

I went back to the website and filed my new glass claim. I attempted to go through the GEICO site to set up my Safelite appointment again, but they claimed technical difficulties. So I just went to Safelite’s site myself. When I attempted to “go through my insurance” for payment, they attempted to send me back to GEICO’s site. But then I figured, what’s the point? I’m paying out of pocket anyway.

And that’s what I’ll do. Who needs a savings account, right? I’ll pay for another new windshield and as soon as that’s done, me and GEICO are finished. I will cancel my policy with that stupid little lizard and I’ll seek car insurance with another company. Apparently there are a lot of options. Who do you have your insurance with? Do they sneakily get you to agree to a $500 glass deductible PER CLAIM? If they do, I’d like to avoid them. If not, let me know because I’m definitely in the market.Why We Now Hate GEICO - Gecko

14 thoughts on “Why We Now Hate GEICO

  1. Hmmm. My husband is not home to check with him as he pays that bill. I think we have All State? Anyway, it’s been years, my son is now 11, but when he was 3, he and daddy were washing the car. Gibby was going to wipe down the dashboard, so he stood up on the passenger seat. When he did, he hit his head pretty hard into the windshield. It made a funny crinkly noise that intrigued him. So he bent down and proceeded to ram his head again, really hard, as hard as he could, into the shield to really make a crack and watch the line get bigger. My husband thought he had killed himself. Once we got over the OMG is he okay and assess the damage…I was like, how much is that going to cost us? My husband thought it was covered by insurance. I didn’t believe him, not for something intentionally our fault. Nope, it didn’t matter. Apparently, our insurance covers one windshield a year regardless of the how/why. That could have changed now. Or maybe because we are in Southern CA, where we don’t really have the weather elements. I don’t know.

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  2. A friend of mine worked for Geico years back, answering phones from people like you with your grievances. She hated it. Not just the rude people, but the fact that some of them became rude because they were being so screwed over. She finally quit because she couldn’t work for a company like that anymore, much less deal with the high percentage of disgruntled insurances holders.

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  3. Ughhh. I’m also in the market for new insurance, because after my recent accident, State Farm (my current co.) has been a major pain in the ass. But I have yet to really do the research. I’ve heard good things about AAA insurance… However, I firmly believe that ALL insurance companies are corrupt and will rob you, it’s just a matter of how much

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    • I concur. All their commercials make them each sound like they’re the best and that they’re made up of only saints who want nothing more from life than to make you feel like you’re the most important customer in the world. And then you actually need them to come through for you and they’re like, “Who are you? Why do you think I care about your problems? Just because you pay us a premium every month? HA! Give us more money and maybe we’ll talk.”

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      • We have Erie insurance they are great. I will say with experience that the deductible is per claim not per year no matter what insurance you go with unless you get something with vanishing deductible. Same with home owners.

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    • Well, I think that’s stupid. It shouldn’t be like that. What’s the point of having insurance if you’ve got to pay out of pocket every time there’s something wrong with the car? When I break my arm and go to the ER, there’s a deductible… but if I break my leg six months later, my health insurance covers it, or at least my deductible is lower. It’s good to know now that the entire insurance industry is basically a load of crap.


  4. As a claims adjuster, the problem is not your policy or your insurance carrier. The problem most of the time are agents & people not looking into what they actually purchase on their policy. 95% of people don’t even understand how insurance works. Auto insurance is not like medical insurance where you can save your out-of-pocket expenses & submit one claim at the end of the year. Deductibles apply PER accident, and usually regardless of fault & your agent should explain that to you. LOW premiums are nice until you actually need to use your policy because that means your deductible is high. So you can’t have it all, low monthly premiums & low out of pocket costs when you use your coverages. I would recommend to everyone that they ask questions to their agent, what will this cover? If I use the coverage, how will it affect me? When does my deductible apply & so forth. You guys are the ones paying for it, so your entitled to knowing what your paying for.


  5. Automobile insurance and homeowners insurance always have the deductible per claim, not per year. Don’t cancel your insurance over that. It’s standard practice.


  6. I agree with Uncle Dan, your shouldn’t your insurance over something like that, it’s standard with any insurance. The higher the deductible the more out of pocket you’ll have to pay each claim. The deductible only lowers your monthly payment, or however you pay. Be sure to read that packet that comes with your coverage called a policy. It explains everything in writing.


  7. By now the OP has figured out that ALL auto and homeowners insurance companies have the same “deductible” setup…..it is PER INCIDENT.

    For most if us that means once a year, in practice.

    If you are unlucky enough to need to make two claims or more in a year, well, that gets hard.

    Its not fair to hate on an insurance company when it is the person buying the coverage who misunderstands what they are buying.

    That said, I DO hate all insurance companies because of one simple fact — they are gouging us to begin with.

    Regardless of whether they tell you “that glass claim wont affect your rates”, we all know that it will.

    So we all pay into insurance, hoping we never have to use it…then when we do, we get penalized for using it. What were we paying for years and years for if not to eventually use it?

    I am already paying for a low $100 deductible –which includes glass. Just had a rock hit my windshield today…..if paying out of pocket I would be looking at almost $400. $100 deductible saves me $300. Or does it?

    Will I end up paying that more and then some back over the next year or two? Probably.

    The way they set things up its impossible to know. Call them about a rate increase and they say “oh we just had a state-wide rate hike in your state”.


    Then when they give you “discounts” for not having a claim to make you feel special…..when in reality they are gouging us all to begin with. LOL


  8. All I can say is wow! All insurance companies that I have ever heard of go by incident not yearly damage. In my 50+ years of insurance I have never heard of such a thing. It seems completely reasonable to me by incident. I choose to pay for extra insurance to cover major incidents and have Geico for 30+ years. Never a problem whether comprehesive or an accident. One year I had a car that was hit 6 times in 6 months! My insurance has never gone up. In fact it goes down every year. Complaining about what your policy covers to me indicates that you should look at your options better and decide if you want, more coverage. If thats the case you will pay a higher premium. If its a lower monthly payment you want then you increase your share of liability. You can’t have it both way. This is true even with medical coverage. It’s a simply concept most people understand. You get what you pay for.


  9. So not to pick nits, but that is how car insurance works. It’s not a PPO health plan where you have a deductible for the year and then the insurance kicks in and pays 80% or whatever your health insurance pays. When you setup your Comprehensive deductible when you bought insurance, that is what you pay for glass, theft, vandalism, etc. Collision is when you hit another car, another car hits you or you hit a stationary thing on the road. Your deductible is per claim.


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