Interview Questions from C.S. Wilde

Because I got so many questions, I’m breaking up my answers into separate blog posts. I’m not complaining. I like getting all these questions. In fact, if anyone wants to just keep asking questions, I say bring them on, whether I post a special “interview me” blog or not.

This post’s answers are for questions asked by C.S. Wilde. Go check out her blog here. She asks…

What will be the future of cronuts?

You know, I’ve never had a cronut. I remember seeing something on the news about how cronuts are the latest trendy pastry to take New York by storm. If they’ve migrated south, they skipped my little town in Virginia. I imagine that I would enjoy the cronut. I like croissants. I like donuts. Combining the two sounds delicious. So I hope they stick around long enough for me to get to try one.

What’s the end of the universe?

Ugh… Thinking about the end of the universe hurts my brain. Well, according to comic books (which I’m certain are scientifically accurate) the end of the universe consists of something called entropy which, again according to comic books, pretty much consumes all of space and time. Not in a sentient, “I’m gonna destroy the universe” kind of way. Just an end of all things thing. I tried looking up “entropy” on Wikipedia and it led me to an article that was way too complicated. But I’m fairly certain that everything I’ve written in response to this question is wrong. Let’s just say that space is infinite and time is eternal.

Why is Kim Kardashian still famous?

If there was an easy answer to that question, I would find a way to save humanity by putting an end to her fame. But, I feel like, to rid the world of a famous Kim Kardashian, we would need to get rid of the mob that continues to feed her. First, we pull the plug at the E! network. As long as they’re putting her and her idiot sisters on TV, morons will watch them. Then we need to somehow convince the dummies at Rolling Stone that putting her on the cover of their magazine is a mistake on the level of getting involved in a land war in Asia. I’m not sure that the problem can be entirely thrown on Kim’s shoulders. The problem lies with the millions of people who have decided that her life is entertaining. I would like to go on record in saying that I do not believe Kim Kardashian has done anything to contribute positively to the advancement of humanity. If North West grows up to someday cure some devastating disease, then I will retract that statement. But until then, I stand by my beliefs.

Stay tuned for more answers later today!

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