Age of Ultron

Avengers 2Recently, a friend commented on a Facebook post that she wanted to know my thoughts regarding the latest Marvel film. I cannot ignore a request from my adoring public. So here are my thoughts. Be warned! Here be spoilers!

My initial thoughts after leaving the theater were that Avengers: Age of Ultron was good. It was exciting and managed to balance drama and action and humor the way Joss Whedon tends to do so well. I feel the need to state that I am a pretty big fan of all things Joss Whedon. Buffy the Vampire Slayer probably still ranks up there as my favorite TV series of all time. Much like his first Avengers movie, this sequel was fun and entertaining.

Despite that entertainment value, I can’t say I enjoyed Age of Ultron as much as the first. This is probably just me, but I feel like the novelty of having all these heroes brought together has worn off. That’s not to say I won’t stand in line for the next Marvel team-up.Shut Up and Take My MoneyA part of me was frustrated with the story being told. Once again we saw Loki’s staff and something of a mind control element. Instead of having the good guys take on thousands of nameless, faceless aliens, they took on thousands of nameless, faceless robots. So, on one hand, it felt a lot like a rehash of what came before. If this was all we got from Age of Ultron, it would pale in comparison to the brilliance we saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Luckily, there’s the other hand. While I do wish there had been a little more character development, there were definitely some things I liked. One was the developing conflict between Iron Man and Captain America. This is all building up to what will be explored in Captain America: Civil War. My only issue here is that the conflict began to build between these two, yet they still parted on good terms. Are we ready to accept that they’ll be at each others throats when next they meet? I know, that actually sounded like something I didn’t like.

Okay, I did like the growing relationship between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov. I liked their hesitation. And, sadly, I liked the heartache in the end when the Hulk chose to leave, probably for Black Widow’s safety (but possibly because he felt betrayed?). But it’s Joss Whedon. One cannot expect any couple to stay happy for too long (look out, Mrs. Hawkeye).

Scarlet WitchFinally, I freakin’ loved the Maximoff twins. Their back story was touched upon, including their reason for hating Tony Stark. I just wish we’d have been able to see more of that. Maybe I just love Elisabeth Olsen (head and shoulders above her sisters). I did become invested in these new characters and audibly gasped when Quicksilver was killed. I drew a few nasty glances, as if I should’ve seen it coming. Maybe I should have. But I was ill-prepared.

Overall, Age of Ultron lived up to the hype. I just didn’t get the same thrill I got from the first one. I hope my excitement for the big team-ups does not completely diminish before we finally get a Justice League movie.

*Edit – I can’t believe I left out my thoughts about James Spader as Ultron. I actually don’t have a lot to say. Except that he pretty much nailed the role of a villain that you don’t actually need to feel sorry for.

5 thoughts on “Age of Ultron

  1. From the perspective of a chick who saw it and loved it, and didn’t grow up reading the comics…

    I laughed and cried during the movie. Boom. I actually liked it more than the first one!

    Good review you gave tho! The point where Natasha told Bruce she couldn’t have children made me weep like a bitch. Maybe nectar it was my son’s birthday, and I was feeling particularity empathetic since I was told not to have any more after he was born, and had to be sterilized. I am grateful for the one I have. Then I was totally blindsided by Quicksilver dying, and once again was sobbing.

    At least there were SEVERAL points where I cackled away obnoxiously out loud.

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  2. well to understand a lot of things you would have to be keeping track of agents of shield on ABC as well. For instance everything from the beginning was things that were discovered by shield agents prior to the movie, to be precise they found the exact location and somewhat knew what they would be getting into when they decided to latterly call in the avengers on the episode prior to the ultron premiere. This second season of the show has done a much better job of being relevant to what is currently going on in the marvelverse so to fully comprehend you much watch the TV series plus remember all the goose eggs from the movies between the two avenger films. Sorry If you do not like my marvel geek rant but it is who I am 🙂


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